Why is the anus darker than the rest of the body parts?

The world has seen so many changes in the last few decades that certain topics that were irrelevant before, are openly discussed now. Subjects that were considered a taboo even in heterosexuals, such as anal sex are now being commonly talked about. There has been an increase in liking for anal sex lately, particularly in women. This has raised concerns regarding the pigmentation of skin around the anus. More and more women are surprised as to why their anus is darker than the rest of the body?

The different theories

With exception to porn stars, people, generally, have a darker skin tone around the anus as compared to the rest of the body parts. The doctors and sexologists have different theories regarding the darker skin around the anus.


· Melanocytes theory

According to medical science, the anus has a darker color because of a greater number of melanocytes. The melanocytes are melanin producing cells. In other words, the pigment cells that are located in the lower layer of the skin. They are responsible for giving color to the skin. The entire body has a reasonable number of melanocytes except for the genital parts.

The genital parts of both men and women have more melanocytes which are the main reason behind the darkening of the anus skin. When more pigment cells are saturated together, they produce more color for that particular part of the skin. This results in even the fairer colored people having darker private parts.

· Epithelium cells theory

Another theory is because of the skin being thicker around the private parts. It is understood that when the external epithelium cells, which are responsible for protecting different organs of the body are higher in number, they thicken the skin.

In order to protect the private parts such as the anus, penis, and vagina, the body has an increased number of epithelium cells there. The more epithelium cells in the skin around the anus for that matter gives it a darker complexion. The thicker the skin, the more red blood cells, the darker the private parts would be.

· Pregnancy theory

hjsdjds87sdj44It is also worth noting that when women are pregnant, their hormones become more active. This results in mood swings and cravings, but it also increases the size of organs such as the breast. Moreover, in pregnancy, the women’s anus also become darker than usual. When the hormones become more active, they start to work faster. The entire body sees an abnormal growth in activity and production of cells; this abnormality results in the anus becoming darker.

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